Ballyarnett - Rev AJA Rosborough


Times of Public Worship: 12.00pm (noon)
Summer times: 11.00a.m., alternating with Knowhead (subject to annual Session decision)
Prayer : annual joint meeting for prayer in September
Sunday School & Children's Church Times: during service
Organisation times:

Sunday – Sabbath worship; Sabbath School; Children's Church

Tuesday – Bowls, 7.30p.m.
Wednesday – Dancing Club, 1st & 3rd, 8.00p.m.;

P.W., last, 8.00p.m.

Thursday – Girls' Brigade, 7.15p.m.
Friday – informal Bible study at the manse, fortnightly, 8.15p.m.


Set Dates for special services Communion-  1st Sabbath, January; Last Sabbath, April; 1st Sabbath, November
Children’s Day – 3rd Sabbath, June
Harvest – 3rd Sabbath, October, & Monday evening following, 7.30p.m.
G.B. enrolment - 3rd Sabbath, November
P.W. service -4th Sabbath, November


Other special services: Good Friday Communion, 7.30p.m.
Evening Communion, 1st Sabbath, Nov., 6.45p.m.   Christmas Morning, 10.30a.m.