EBRINGTON  - Rev Paul Linkens

Times of Public Worship:  11:30am and 6pm      Summer times – same? YES
Midweek Bible Study / Prayer : House Groups on Wednedays. Prayer: Elders Prayer Time Sunday at 11:10am;
Sunday at 5:30pm and Saturday at 8am.
Sunday School Times: ‘ROCK’ at 11am and ‘GIG’ / Bible Classes  at 10:30am
ROCK = Reaching our Children for the Kingdom. GIG = Growing in God.
Organisation times:
Sunday –
* ROCK, GIG and BIBLE CLASSES as above
* RAVEN – Youth Fellowship at 7:30pm
Monday –
* Painting Class at 7:30pm. (2nd and 4th Monday)
* WEB – Women at Ebrington 7:45pm (1st and 3rd Monday)
Tuesday –
* Christianity Explored at 10am
* Church Choir at 7:30pm.
* Congregational Committee 3rd Tuesday at 8pm
Wednesday –
* Ladies Bible Study at 10:15am
* House Groups at 8pm
Thursday –
* Bright Hour at 3pm = Ministry to Senior Citizens
* Girls Brigade at 6:30pm
* Kirk Session – 4th Thursday each month
Friday –
* EB Men’s Club at 10am
* Boys Brigade at 6:30pm and 8pm
Saturday –
* Prayer Mtg at 8am
* Youth Clubs – Junior at 6:30 and seniors at 8pm
Set Dates for special services
Communion-  1st Sunday evening in January / last Sunday in April and in October.
Children’s Day – Agreed date in May / June                  Harvest –  2nd Sunday in October
Other special services: Christmas Morning…